Voicemail from Mr. Turner, Friday, August 3rd, 2001. Evening.

	Uh.  Mr.  Adelman, this is Dave Turner of the E-Net program,
	PG&E.  And Uh, after reading, Uh, the article in the San Jose
	Mercury News we were curious as to what exactly is going on
	right now uh we were wondering whether you are paralleling uhh
	with our system or not, that is, are you feeding any energy
	back into the grid and if so, do you know uhh how much?  Is
	it, umm, under 10kW, or is uh it a maximum system 31, or what
	exactly is going on, uh, cause we'd like to talk about
	possible safety consequences umm.  we could tell a lot more
	after we know exactly what you are doing.  Umm.  [pause] At,
	uh, at present, although we understand that you were inspected
	yesterday, uh, that inspection was not actually supposed to
	have taken place, there was a miscommunication between the
	departments so you are not presently approved for, uh,
	parallel operation, even at 1kW, so we need to talk and see
	what you want to do and what we can allow.  You may be able to
	operate at 10kW, but we need to talk about it.	[chatter]
	Umm.  Well, I'll probably be going home now, but you can reach
	me and I can reach the other people involved.  My number is
	510-635-3145, Umm, what about you..  [voice change] You can
	reach me, Harold Hirsch, at 415-973-1305.  [first voice] And,
	Umm, like I said, you have the phone numbers, for the other
	people we need to talk, so, umm, we can all discuss this and
	hopefully get some kind of short term resolution at least.
	Ok, thanks for getting back to me.  Bye.