Historical data

The software that controls the inverters and produces the dynamic content has kept a log since September 6, 2001, of the following inverter parameters. They are sampled approximately every minute. At the end of each six minute period, the averages of each of the samples occurring during that period are output. From this data, the various graphs and calculations that appear on this web page are produced. Graphs based on the cost of electricity use the correct historical rate and assume a Tier 5 E-EPS surcharge, which we would be paying were it not for our photovoltaic system.

Date and Time
Power produced by each inverter pair
Power drawn from or delivered to the power grid
Power delivered to loads in the house
Grid and Inverter AC voltages
State of sun (up or down)
DC bus voltages for each of the inverter pairs

Upon request, we would consider making this raw data available for other types of analysis.

Output graph during any period

This query lets you retrieve a graph of the system output during any particular period.

Some interesting days to look at:

Date Comments
9/20/2001 Under a 10kW sell limit, a perfect day
10/25/2001 Under a 20kW sell limit, a perfect day
10/29/2001 A rainy overcast day
11/12/2001 A very overcast day, grid power failure 10am to noon
7/9/2002 No sell limit, a perfect day

Dates must be in the form "MM/DD/YYYY", or the keywords "YESTERDAY" or "TODAY". To see only one date, leave the "End Date" blank.

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