About my software

There already exist commercial inverter monitoring and control software for the Trace Engineering inverters, but it all requires Microsoft operating systems. Our life is Microsoft-free; we run only Macintosh, Unix, and OpenVMS systems. Because there is no commercially available products to meet our needs, I wrote my own inverter control and monitoring software.

The control and monitoring program is written in "C" and based around a library that provides a callable interface to Set and Get inverter parameters. It performs a number of control functions, including dynamically changing the MAX SELL AMPS inverter parameter to keep the power sold through each inverter in a pair approximately equal. In addition to various control functions, it also implements alarms (eg, grid failure, battery low voltage) and logs inverter parameters to a data file.

From this data file, other programs produce the graphs that you see on these pages. These are also small C programs that use the GD Graphics Library. Some of these graphics are updated by a cron job on the server; some are produced on-the-fly by cgi scripts when you access them.

All of this software runs on this dusty old FreeBSD server. This system is connected to each of the six inverters using Trace SWCA RS-232 interfaces.

None of this software was written to be a commercial product, and much of it is specific to the peculiarities of my configuration. I would be happy to share what I've done with other programmers familiar with FreeBSD and C programming who are interested in adapting it to their systems, but have limited time with which to support the software.

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